I've dealt with several legal recruiters the past few years and Joe was far and away the best to work with. When he first reached out to me, I was deep in the interview process with an opportunity I found on my own. While he did encourage me to at least consider the firm he wanted to pitch, he also provided advice and counsel on how to navigate the process I was already engaged in. It spoke volumes about Joe's value as an ally to anyone looking for a new opportunity: he is truly there to help. I ultimately interviewed with and accepted an offer from the firm Joe pitched to me, and after starting that job I am confident it was the right fit for me. Throughout the entire process, Joe was easily accessible, and provided sage advice at every step. In short, he was instrumental in my successful job search. If a friend in the legal industry ever told me they were looking for a new opportunity, I'd immediately point them in Joe's direction.


David K., Associate Attorney

In the many years that I was a prospective student, graduate, and now business professional I cannot say that I have ever been more thankful for the words of advice that I received while connecting with Joseph. After having the wonderful opportunity of chatting, not only did he provide me with excellent career advice but reassurance on what the future may entail as well. I cannot say that I have ever felt more confident in my future and true calling in life until having this conversation. Joseph is a well-rounded knowledgeable individual who evidently cares about the individuals he works with and goes above and beyond to ensure that he is doing what he can to ensure proper placements and candidates he may see as a good fit for positions. And if he doesn't, not to worry - he will provide his advice and other alternatives to help you become the best version of yourself that you can be. Will definitely be reaching out again when the search for a new challenge or opportunity approaches.

image001 (2)

Karolyna P., Paralegal

Joe was great to work with, very professional and did an awesome job helping me advance my career, I’d fully recommend anyone to work with him.

image001 (3)

Matthew L., Associate Attorney

Joseph was wonderful to work with. His kind demeanor coupled with his professionalism and thorough follow-up make him stand out above the rest. I am very grateful to have been connected with him and he helped me get a role I am proud and excited to have. I could not be happier.

image001 (4)

Rob Abrams, Revenue Coordinator

Joe was incredibly helpful with getting me my new role! He made the entire process easy to understand and made sure I stayed updated through it all. I was happy to work with him and would do so again in a heartbeat.

image002 (1)

Margo J., Revenue Coordinator

Joe has been a huge help on multiple occasions to fill job openings successfully. He understands our needs and only sends potential candidates that are relevant to our openings. In addition, he is very easy to work with overall. Highly recommend!

image003 (1)

Deedee L., Legal Administrator

Joe is the best recruiter I have worked with, as he has done an outstanding job for me over several years! You cannot go wrong hiring Joe.

image004 (1)

Jeffrey S., Partner

Joe is the best there is. His knowledge of the field is matched only by his responsiveness and desire to find the exact right fit for his clients. When I first contacted him, I was at sea, confused about how to take the next step in my career. Joe not only facilitated my career shift, but also walked me through the entire process, providing sound advice with the comfort and ease of a seasoned professional. I'm not making another move without consulting Joe first.

image005 (1)

Charlie I., Legal Recruiting Specialist

I would recommend Joseph Mayer for his recruiting services. I found him to be true to his word. He followed up when required. He contacted me in advance of interviews to confirm I was prepared. After the interview he followed up and gave feedback.

image001 (5)

Liz J., Staff Attorney

Joe stood out to me right away since he understood the next step I wanted to take in my career. When I was ready to make a change, most recruiters sent me positions that did not meet my expectations; the positions typically had my same job title and duties, but I was looking to expand beyond the role I had at the time. Joe helped me make the leap that I wanted to a new role in recruiting, and he made me feel confident in my ability to do so. He encouraged me throughout the entire interview process and provided me with constructive feedback. I am very

thankful for getting the opportunity to work with Joe and for his help in finding the perfect fit for me.

image002 (2)

Maria K., Legal Recruiting Coordinator

Joe helped me through the interview process with my current employer. He took his time speaking with me and gave me solid advice. He really pushed me to think about myself and my happiness, which was extremely helpful. If you are in the market for a new position, I would recommend working with Joe.

image003 (2)

Sarah S., Professional Development Specialist

Joe was very helpful in helping me locate a new position. He was there every step of the way to guide or explain the process.

image004 (2)

Frank S., Associate Attorney

Joseph is an excellent recruiter and a great person! I had never heard of Permanent Placements until I submitted my resume to LinkedIn for one position. Joe got in touch with me right away and wanted to set up a time to talk. We did, and I really liked him! I could tell he would find me a job or die trying. Joe then told me about a position at a firm I had heard of and was impressed by. He wanted to send my resume to this firm. I told him OK, and they reached out to him saying they wanted to meet me. Ultimately, I had two Zoom interviews and an eventual offer! In between the interviews, Joe made sure to get in touch and see if I had any questions or concerns. I am a nervous interviewee, so I went over my worries, and Joe & I talked them over. He was very reassuring and confident I would do well. Joe is an awesome recruiter, as I said before. He is everything one should be. When I got the offer from the firm, I sent him a thank you note expressing my gratitude. He responded back thanking me. It meant a lot that he took the additional time to acknowledge my thank you. I have been at my firm for almost five months now, and it’s a great fit! I will always be thankful to Joe and Permanent Placements for their efforts and help. It was a great experience.

image005 (2)

Jacquelyn B., Litigation Paralegal

Joseph had reached out to me regarding an opportunity he thought would be a great fit for my experience and an even better jump for my next career move. This was a position I would have otherwise never considered applying for. Not only did he help me along through the interview process, but he also always made a point to keep me apprised of all updates. He truly was a beacon of hope in the recruiting world and helped push me to see my future potential. Even after my start at this new position, Joe continued to follow up with me to check on my training and onboarding. Joseph continues to remind me of all the good recruiters can be out there. He does not just see me as a body to fill the position, but he treats me as a human with

goals and aspirations. It was not just about a commission to Joseph. It was about helping me find my happiness again and helping the firm find the leader they need to move back towards continued success. I know I have said it plenty, but I will always be thankful for Joseph reaching out to me when he did. He understands the roles he needs to fill, but also understands the kind of team player he needs in that role. It is not just about the tools one has, to Joseph, it is about the ability to use the tools they currently have in their kit.


image001 (6)

Hamza E., IT Site Supervisor

Joe is a wonderful individual with which to work. He does his very best to place individuals where they are able to thrive. He has been supportive in so many ways. I have appreciated working with him.

image002 (3)

Janet S., Legal Assistant

Joe has been amazing through the entire job search process. He has a very good eye when it comes to perfectly matching candidates and new job opportunities. He walked me through the entire process and made it as seamless as possible. He is always a text or call away if anything comes up or you just need some reassurance. If you are looking for a recruiter to help you find your next chapter, contact Joe! He is brilliant at what he does. You will be in great hands with him!!

image003 (3)

Brooke C., Legal Assistant

I highly recommend Joe. In one brief phone call he was able to ascertain what I was looking for in a candidate. Within the day he sent me two highly qualified applicants. One turned out to be the perfect fit, and 3 days later that position is now filled!

image004 (3)

Vanessa W., SVP Client Relations

Joe has been amazing through the entire job search process. He has a very good eye when it comes to perfectly matching candidates and new job opportunities. He walked me through the entire process and made it as seamless as possible. He is always a text or call away if anything comes up or you just need some reassurance. If you are looking for a recruiter to help you find your next chapter, contact Joe! He is brilliant at what he does. You will be in great hands with him!!

image005 (3)

Ayush M., Revenue Coordinator

We contracted Joe to assist us in our Docket Specialist search. He was knowledgeable of the market and quick to respond and assist us in identifying someone for our niche industry. We appreciated how quickly everything came together and his accuracy in targeting the right candidate with proper skill sets for this position.

image006 (1)

Kristin L., Director of Human Resources & Operations

It was a true pleasure to work with Joe. He was enthusiastic and kept me informed throughout the entire process. He demonstrated his experience through his keen insights and preparation. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone considering working with him.

image007 (1)

Brian D., Privacy & Cybersecurity Associate Attorney

Joe was great, professional, and helped immensely with the application process. I would highly recommend him.

image008 (1)

Matthew B., Senior Docketing Specialist

It was such a pleasure to work with Joe. He was very knowledgeable about the legal hiring process and was great at keeping me updated on any developments. He also has a great personality, is easy to talk with, and has such a passion for what he does. I would definitely consider working with Joe again in the future if I were ever in need of a new job.

image001 (1)

Nate G., Staff Attorney

To anyone looking for your next opportunity I HIGHLY suggest working with Joe. We worked together for only a few weeks but when I say he was my biggest cheerleader I mean it. Even when I didn’t think it would work the way it did, he still spoke as though it was already a done deal! I have NEVER had a recruiter produce the results that Joe did. I will most definitely be passing his information along to all of my associates looking for new opportunities.


Adrienne J., Accounts Payable Analyst

Joseph helped me secure a great lateral associate position within one week of working together. Joseph is knowledgeable about what he does and works hard to make things happen. I could not be happier at my new firm and have Joe to thank for that. I recommend Joe to one of my friends and he also assisted her in obtaining new employment within one week. I cannot recommend Joe enough.


Zachary A., Insurance Coverage Associate Attorney

Joe was very helpful and diligent with my job search, and, because of that, I would highly recommend him. He prepared me for interviews by providing me with insights he learned from his interactions with the firms, gave me great tips and advice when dealing with interviewers and hiring committees, and was always available to assist with any questions or comments I had. He began helping me at the beginning of my job search and he has remained in touch after I was hired, ensuring the job he helped me earn continues to be fulfilling.


Dylan B., Associate Attorney

I would recommend Joe to anyone searching for a new role or a new employee. Joe has an uncanny knack for fitting the right people with the right companies. I wasn't even really looking for a new opportunity when Joe contacted me, but it was the perfect fit! Joe worked hard to represent my interests and make sure that my transition to a new firm would be as seamless as possible, even when there were a few transition challenges due to timing. Joe was always available to me and so great to work with. Thanks, Joe!


Kiersten H., Legal Assistant

Joe is absolutely amazing and a true professional. He stayed in communication with me throughout the entire process, not only with status updates but offering words of encouragement along the way. Joe really looks out for your best interests. If one door closed Joe was already set to help find the next opportunity. I cannot provide enough kind words to accurately describe Joe. I highly recommend him to any law firm professionals.


Shuntay Y., Lead Billing Coordinator

Joe is a true professional. Continuous communication with detailed and timely follow-up regarding the job search and interview process made my recent job transition a breeze. It is clear that he researches each of his candidates and advocates on their behalf versus simply submitting a name and a resume and moving on to the next candidate. I have and will continue to recommend Joe to any law professional looking to make a job change.


William Moore, Associate Attorney

Joe is terrific to work with! He’s a true business partner and differentiates himself with the quality candidates he provides. He’s been a lifesaver and I strongly recommend him.


Bill C., Head of Human Resources (North America)

Joseph Mayer was an amazing recruiter who assisted me in obtaining a permanent position in the same healthcare field that I enjoyed working in. He was on the lookout for opportunities that fit my skill set and had open communication that always kept me informed on how my job search was going. I highly recommend him as a recruiter for your job search needs. Thank you, Joe, for going above and beyond to help me find my new position!!


Annel H., Senior Legal Assistant

I cannot say enough kind words about Joe, he is one of the best recruiters I have worked with. He's not only friendly and easy to work with, but he also has a lot of integrity and is generous with his time. When I was applying for positions, he was willing to take the time out of his day to discuss another position I had applied for that did not permit recruiter submissions. Joe wasn't trying to push me to take just *any* job, he wanted me to find the *right* job. I really appreciated his low-pressure approach to recruiting and will definitely recommend him to others who are looking to advance their careers.


Kelly K., Litigation Associate Attorney

Joe is a pleasure to work with. Within two days of speaking with Joe I was scheduled to interview at a firm in downtown Chicago. Within two weeks, I was hired. Joe was extremely communicative and helpful throughout the process. If I ever had any questions, he would answer them immediately. Joe is not like other recruiters who submit your application and then disappear. I truly recommend him if you are looking to make a career move.

image001 (7)

Nick A., Associate Attorney

Permanent Placements LLC, Joe Mayer, was a great experience! Joe listened, really listened, to what our company was looking for in the “perfect” candidate. Joe sent candidates who were all qualified and a cultural fit for the position, it was difficult deciding because they were all so great. Again, thank you for listening to what our needs were and helping us fill more than one position. I look forward to working with you in the future!

Stacy T., Human Resources Director


Joe is amazing! I had interviews (multiple) within two days of speaking to Joe about my interests and potential opportunities. I accepted a position two weeks from the date of my first call with Joe. He gave me candid advice, had my back, and bridged any communication gaps between me, as a candidate, and the firm. His follow up is impeccable! Thanks Joe.


image002 (4)

Porsha W., Associate Attorney

Joe helped me get a job with a great law firm in downtown Chicago as I was trying to relocate from D.C. He was very knowledgeable about the position for which I was applying and truly shepherded my application through the process. He wasn’t like a lot of recruiters who submit your application and then you never hear from them again. He kept me regularly updated about where I stood among other candidates and what the next steps were. Once I got an interview, he helped me prepare, gave me some pro-tips, and even offered to get me to and from the airport. I cannot thank Joe enough for his professionalism, honesty, and encouragement.

image003 (4)

Abby V., Senior Associate Attorney

Joe has been a valuable resource in sourcing and on-boarding technology resources. There have been numerous situations where Joe was provided limited time to identify a resource. In many of the situations, Joe delivered a quality/qualified candidate that was awarded the position. His attention to detail, knowledge of the business, and work ethic has made him a valuable asset.

image004 (4)

Donald F., Associate Director – Hosting Services

Joe is a great colleague working in partnership with HP Enterprise Services in areas contractually agreeable to provide IT service staffing, as well additional program/project management experts where needed. Joe is always available, cost competitive and very easy to work with. In a dog-eat-dog world of services, Joe is trustworthy and consistently meeting expectations. Consider Joe for the job, he is worth the services provided.

image005 (4)

Helen F., Director Global Infrastructure Operations Service Delivery

It is a great pleasure to work with Joe. He is very attentive to our needs, and always finds the right person to fill the job - within the budget guidelines given. Joe is a very personable young man and leverages his recruiting network to find me top quality people in a very short timeframe, at the right price. Excellent interpersonal skills, good sense for business, and a great partner to have on my team.

image006 (2)

Scott C., Infrastructure Account Delivery Executive

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